Dupont, Washington

Proposed Expansion

High-quality aggregates from local sources are a vital part of our economic recovery.  These most essential of building materials form the foundation of virtually every building project in our region.  Without them we won’t be able to get people back to work building the homes, schools, stores, highways, transit projects, offices and factories we will need to support the workers and jobs of tomorrow.

The region needs sand and gravel to construct vital infrastructure projects that improve transit and transportation, water and wastewater treatment, housing and public service systems. The supply of sand and gravel  in permitted mines in Wester Washington, like the existing DuPont mine, is not sufficient to construct all the planned and proposed building projects in Western Washington.

CalPortland has proposed an expansion of its DuPont operations to continue meeting the region’s needs for these basic building materials.  The existing DuPont mine supplies 75 percent of the aggregates needed from Olympia to Everett and has been in continuous operation since 1997. It has not received one complaint of the kind that you might expect from neighbors.

With the announcement of the 2011 Settlement Agreement, it is important to note that CalPortland is not pursuing its original proposal that called for building a new tributary of Sequalitchew Creek.  Instead, the 2011 Settlement Agreement proposes a watershed-wide Sequalitchew Creek restoration plan be developed, studied for its environmental impacts, permitted and implemented, with the company paying an agreed upon amount for all these expenses.

This Settlement Agreement resulted from three years of negotiations with the Nisqually Delta Association, the Washington Environmental Council, People for Puget Sound, the City of DuPont, the Anderson Island Quality of Life Committee, the Black Hills, Tahoma and Seattle chapters of the National Audubon Society and the Washington Department of Ecology.  It is a continuation and expansion of a 1994 Settlement Agreement.

The goals of the new agreement are to help restore and enhance the Sequlaitchew Creek watershed, including flows along the entire length of the creek; maintain Puget Sound shorelands, bluffs and adjacent open space; and outline a process CalPortland can follow to seek permits to mine parcels adjacent to the existing mine, including abiding by the terms of the Settlement Agreement and all applicable local, state and federal permitting requirements.

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