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South Parcel Mining Proposal Analyzed as Similar Action in North Parcel Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The South Parcel is not part of the proposed action evaluated in the North Parcel Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  No action is requested on the 177-acre South Parcel, which is land leased by CalPortland Company southeast of the existing mine. 

To the extent that North Parcel and South Parcel have common aspects of geography, technology, operations and environmental conditions, this DEIS analyzes South Parcel mining as a potential “similar action” to the “proposed action” (North Parcel mining).

While mining the North and South Parcels are considered “similar actions” for the purposes of DEIS review, it is important to recognize that the proposed North Parcel project would have no effect on the water table under or adjacent to this site. 

No material would be extracted from below the water table in the North Parcel and no management or handling of groundwater is needed for the proposed action.  Mining in the South Parcel would include removal of saturated gravel from below the water table and include management of groundwater before, during and after mining. Future consideration of any application to mine in the South Parcel would require additional analysis of potential impacts on groundwater and surface water.

Under the process required by the 2011 Settlement Agreement, no mining in the South Parcel would occur until several steps are completed. One of these steps is preparation of a plan to restore flows to Sequalitchew Creek, which is currently underway.  Subsequent steps include permitting of both restoration activities and any proposed mining in the South Parcel and release of an agreed upon funding amount provided by CalPortland for the restoration effort.

The full EIS document can be found here