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North Parcel Mining Proposal Draft Environmental Impact Statement Summary

The North Parcel Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) examines a proposal to sequentially clear, mine, and reclaim 142 of 201 acres of land CalPortland Company owns adjacent to and north of our existing mine. The zoning in DuPont’s Comprehensive Plan designates the site as a Mineral Resource Overlay area.  It is also designated as a mineral land of long-term commercial significance in accordance with the state Growth Management Act.

Mining the North Parcel is necessary so the Pioneer Aggregates site can continue meeting regional and local demand for high-quality aggregates.

Materials would continue to be processed at the existing plant and would continue to be transported primarily by truck (approximately 20 percent), and barge (approximately 80 percent) from the existing dock and loading facility at Tatsolo Point.

The North Parcel is west of the shallow aquifer beneath the South Parcel.  The water table beneath the North Parcel is 190 feet below the ground surface and all North Parcel mining would occur above the water table.

The North Parcel DEIS evaluates potential environmental effects from activities that may be authorized if the proposal is approved.  The DEIS also considers a “No Action” alternative and a “Separate but Similar Action” – the potential proposal to mine gravel in the South Parcel.  Permitting agencies use the DEIS to inform their decisions regarding permits and conditions with which the project must comply.

The DEIS indicates that North Parcel mining would result in no significant unavoidable adverse impacts.

The full EIS document can be found here