Dupont, Washington



A unique and innovative 2011_Settlement_Agreement involving CalPortland Company, the Washington Department of Ecology and seven environmental groups was announced June 24, 2011. 

This goals of this agreement, negotiated over three years, are to help restore and enhance an historic creek watershed adjacent to CalPortland’s aggregates mine in DuPont, Washington; preserve nearly a mile of shorelands and uplands on Puget Sound, and allow CalPortland to submit permit applications to mine two parcels adjacent to our existing operation. 

Environmental groups signing the agreement include the Washington Environmental Council, People for Puget Sound, the Nisqually Delta Association, the Anderson Island Quality of Life Committee and the Black Hills, Tahoma and Seattle chapters of the National Audubon Society.

The Sequalitchew Creek watershed played an important role in Native American culture as well as being near the site of the first European settlement in Washington State.