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Dedicated to the Northwest | Achieving balance | Innovating solutions | Practicing modern mining

Aggregates, including sand, gravel and crushed stone, are one of the world’s most basic building materials and are essential to economic growth. You see and use aggregate products every day. When combined with cement, they are a key ingredient in concrete, concrete block, concrete roof tiles and concrete pipe. Aggregates are also a key ingredient of asphalt.They’re used to build homes, school buildings, and the sidewalks, roads, bridges and airports that allow us to get around.

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For more than 100 years, CalPortland has supported the Northwest’s economic and infrastructure growth with high-quality construction aggregates. Through innovation, we are defining modern mining practices that balance the regional demand for our products with the environmental values and priorities of the community.

In the Northwest, CalPortland’s aggregates have been used to construct some of our most iconic and important structures. From the Space Needle to the Tacoma Dome, CalPortland’s aggregates are found in the structures that literally and symbolically bring our communities together.

CalPortland is working to create new and innovative products and technologies to support sustainable LEED-design building, including technologies for pervious concrete that reduce storm water runoff. Aggregates are used to construct storm water management structures and fish ladders such as the one located at Seattle’s Ballard locks. CalPortland is also the biggest supplier of clean sand and gravel used to remediate contaminated sediments in the Puget Sound.

Dedicated to the Northwest

Growing economies demand high-quality, affordable and locally sourced building materials, which means CalPortland can only be as successful as the communities we serve. We’re dedicated to being stewards of these communities and making contributions that include not only providing the material for infrastructure improvements that fuel economic growth and create local jobs but also by supporting local nonprofit organizations.

Achieving balance

We understand that regional demand for construction materials must be balanced with the values and priorities of the communities we serve. Our business depends on the ability to balance these evolving needs and priorities, so we work collaboratively with community leaders and recruit the talent needed to incorporate community and environmental considerations into all of our projects.

Innovating solutions

Every day, CalPortland employees search for innovative solutions to make our operations and products safer, more sustainable and more efficient. For example, we mix materials for permeable surfaces and find new ways to recycle and reuse materials. CalPortland is also one of the few industrial companies that partners with the EPA under the Energy Star Program to further our goals of reducing energy consumption and waste.

Practicing modern mining

Much like the evolution of the revered timber, aerospace and technology industries of the Pacific Northwest, CalPortland is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs, priorities and values of the region. We build from past practices to significantly improve the efficiency of our mining processes while upholding stringent environmental standards. We pride ourselves on working to meet the demand for our product while respecting the environment and the communities that depend on us.